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Pure Steam Generator

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Detail Description

Pure Steam Generator for pharmaceutical & Biotech Industries to produce pure Pyrogen free sterile steam for Sterilization in autoclaves, Pipeline, Tanks.
Salient Features
  • Capacity - 300 kg/hr Pure Steam-500 kg/hr Pure steam
  • Stainless steel frame in S.S 304 Construction.
  • Complete with all contact parts in S.S 316Lq and non contact parts in S.S 304 q complete with column-1 No. Pre heater-2 Nos., S.S stand, all piping connection will be sanitary triclover fittings, Sumo make pump for feed water, Flow meter, S.S panel.
  • Control Panel (S.S 304) with boiler steam & pure steam Temperature indicator, conductivity indicator for incoming feed water.
  • The feed water & the cooling water should be of Dematerialized quality pass through filter, Cation, Anion & Mixed bed Exchanger to get minimum dissolved solids (T.D.S) & hardness.
  • The maximum permissible is 5 micron/cm Material of Construction S.S 316 for all wetted parts coming in contact with distilled water Teflon Gasket & O-ring.
Standard Scope of Supply.
  • Main column.
  • Two feed water preheaters.
  • SS 316 multistage centrifugal feed water pump.
  • Pressure gauge and safety valve for boiler steam and pure steam.
  • Electric control panel.
  • Heat exchanger for condensing pure steam to WFI for sampling.
  • All contact parts are SS 316
Technical Specifications
  • Lal Test: Passes through Lal Test
  • Pure Steam: Meet IP/BP specification 3 kg/cm2 at 143°c.
  • Feed Water: De-ionized water with max. Conductivity of 5 microsiemens /cm should be used. Pressure should be 1 kg/cm2 higher than the infeed steam pressure.
  • Temperature: Ambient Temp.
  • Boiler Steam: Minimum 6 kg/cm2 steam pressure is essential to guarantee pure pyrogen free steam at 3 kg/cm2. Steam must be dry, saturated, and free from oil vapours and other impurities.
  • Temperature: 165°C.
  • Electricals: Main supply A.C., 415V, 3 phase/50 cycles, Max, load 3kw.
  • Air: 1 cfm at Kg/cm2 gauge.
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