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Multi Column Distillation Plant

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Detail Description

Newtech Equipments, manufacturing high quality equipment multicolumn distilled water plant designed to produce 100% pyrogen free sterile distillate & chemically pure confirms to IP/BP/USP standard. Multicolumn distilled water plant works on the principle of interstate heat exchanger, dramatically reduce the consumption of heating energy and cooling water. Thus enable to produce a large volume of pyrogen free distillate at a fraction of the cost than conventional systems. All documents related to factory acceptance test(FAT), Installation Qualifications(IQ), Operation Qualification(OQ), PQ are provided as part of the operational manual.
Salient Features
  • Pure, Sterile & pyrogen free distilled water conforms to IP/BP/USP standards.
  • Fully automatic operation. no attendant required.
  • Energy Saving Low Operating Cost.
  • All Contact parts are S.S. 316 and all joints are sealed with teflon gasket Improved condenser cooler design for optimum efficiency.
  • Available in 80 Ltrs., 150 Ltrs., 300 Ltrs., 1000 Ltrs.
  • The Unit is completely made up of S.S. 316 l with active surfaces being Electro Polished to < 5.Ra. compact in design, easy to maintain and operate.
  • All the piping joints are sanitary Tri-clover Fitting and the same will be provided with Pharmaceutical grade Silicon, joints are provided with Orbital Welding.
  • Special Design to 1st Column as it comes in direct contact with Boiler Steam.
  • Energy Saving is 75% as less Heating Energy and less cooling water is required.
  • Distillate water quality as per IP/BP/USP specifications and conductivity <1.0 µ S/cm.
  • Panel Board consists of Relays, Motor Starter, indicating Lamp, Mmeter/Voltmeter for Motors, Push Buttons, Temperature Indicator cum Controller etc.
  • Panel Board is fabricated from S.S. 304Q. sheet. The same can be provided as Electro Relays based or PLC based operation.
  • Air Operated Flow Diverter Valve provided to prevent inadequate quality of WFI to enter into Storage Tank.
Technical Specifications
  • Distillate: Meets IP/BP/USP specifications. Temperature 95°C. Passes through LAL Test.
  • Fed Water: De-ionized water with maximum conductivity of 5 Microsiemens/cm should be
  • F.W. Pressure: should be 1 kg/cm2 higher than the in feed steam pressure. Temperature ambient 30°C
  • Cooling Water: Normal tap water can be used, provided hardness is less than 90 PPM of CaCO3
  • Steam: Steam must be saturated, dry, and free from oil vapours and other impurities.
  • Steam pressure: Minimum steam pressure of 3 kg/cm2 is essential to guarantee pyrogen free distillate.
  • Electricals: Main supply A.C. 440 V 3 Phase/50 Cycles, Max. Load 5 KW.
  • Air: Dry air at 3 Kg/cm2 pressure and maximum of 5CFM quantity is required for operation of pneumatic valves.

Standard Scope of Supply
  • Multistage freed water pup fabricated with type 316 stainless steel.
  • Maximum pressure-8 bar.
  • Stainless steel centrifugal pump for cooling water transfer.
  • 2 Nos. of rotameter for freed water and cooling water.
  • Conductivity meter for feed water and final distillate. (Above 80 LPH Plant)
  • Electropolished creviceless inner contact surfaces.
  • Sanitary triclover fittings for quick and easy preventive maintenance.
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